Analytics and Data management

Improve Business Efficiency

Manage and control vast amounts of data seamlessly. Spend less time validating data and more time developing new trading ideas. Switch between asset classes with ease. Integrate complex data and products into your core systems in minutes. Bring data and analytics together. Make it central to your business. Understand more. Achieve more. Do it faster.


Implement a Solution Designed to Manage Change

Achieve the aims outlined above by implementing an analytics and data management infrastructure that is designed to manage change. A centralized data management system is of value only if it enables your organization to achieve more whilst saving time and effort. To maximize the transparency and consistency in understanding data, tools are required which enable the user to manage and control high quality data, pricing models and statistical analysis.


Achieve Greater Business Success

Xenomorph clients are using the TimeScape analytics and data management solutions outlined below to achieve greater business success.


Data management

Centralised data management is key to an organisation’s success. Traditionally, data has been managed on an organic, departmental basis often leading to isolated data silos and spiralling costs from data vendors. Xenomorph provides the tools to empower organisations to take control of their data, to integrate disparate sources and feeds and to present them in a unified manner across the enterprise to systems and end-users alike.

TimeScape’s unique data model means that new instrument structures can be implemented quickly and centrally in days, as opposed to months or years, keeping both the business and regulators happy and allowing I.T. to focus attention on adding value above and beyond traditional business expectation.


Analytics Management

Organisations are under increasing pressure to respond quickly to regulation, yet still wish to be agile when it comes to reacting to important business needs. In addition to a powerful and controlled data model, it is essential that analytics are controlled and audited in the same way as data.

TimeScape has been architected from the ground up to meet this challenge. It provides powerful statistical analytics and business objects, coupled with a centralised analytical framework that arms organisations with the tools necessary to quickly deliver value to the business without sacrificing control or agility.